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Chiropractic adjustments:

We provide a manual adjusting technique that is based off of the Diversified style technique. Our doctors are extensively trained using these adjusting techniques from the Motion Palpation Institute. The adjustment is intended to relieve tension and pressure within the joint to allow proper motion and decreased pain. 

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Soft tissue therapy:

We offer a wide range of soft tissue therapies to alleviate pain and aches that is unrelated to joint based pain. Our soft tissue therapies will decrease pain and immobility while improving the elasticity of the tissues. 


Neuromuscular Rehabilitation:

When proper joint motion and soft tissue elasticity is restore, training the brain to maintain this new found range of motion is the next step in recovery. Our rehabilitation techniques will not only include creating a stronger body, but also one that is stable and able to recover from active activities. 


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Our Therapies


Active Release Technique (ART) is the gold standard of soft tissue therapy in conservative care. This technique allows the release of Trigger Points in tight muscles and allows for instant improved range of motion of both the joint and elasticity of the muscle. 

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Dry Needling

Dry needling involves the insertion of thin filament needles (like acupuncture needles) into tensed muscle to stimulate a therapeutic change in the muscle, nerve, and joint. The needle will stimulate the body’s natural healing response to help down-regulate pain and begin the healing process. 

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Graston or Instrument assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a technique used to release tension in tight/tensed muscles by increasing blood and oxygen flow giving the area much needed relief. 

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Women's Health

Perinatal Chiropractic Care: 

Chiropractic adjustments are beneficial during pregnancy to maintain proper joint motion as the body changes. Adjustments are gentle and applied in the areas where the body needs them. Extra care is taken around the pelvis to ensure babies have space to move the way they need to and moms feel as comfortable and stable as possible.

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Core Rehabilitation:

While core work can be beneficial for all, not all core work is created equally. Specific rehabilitation is used to restore the connection between the diaphragm muscle, pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles so they all work together to provide the body with stability. This can be beneficial post-abdominal surgeries, pelvic pain, postpartum, and beyond.

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Doula Services:

A birth doula is continuous support systems for families in labor. A doula is present for the duration of labor and delivery to provide non-medical support to the laboring individual, physical comfort measures, and making sure the family is informed and educated to make decisions during labor. Our services include two prenatal visits, the birth, and one postpartum check up visit. These can be scheduled from home or in our office.

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Our Specialties

Pediatric Movement Assessment: 

We check in with the development of the neuromusculoskeletal system by evaluating movement milestones in children in their first year of life. These milestones act to help with proper formation of joints and maturation of the central nervous system. Patients and parents will learn how to encourage proper movement patterns so children’s bodies are well set to move mountains as they grow!

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Performance Enhancement: 

Performance does not apply to those solely who compete in athletic endeavors. Life is a performance competition every day in regards to how well we move, how we lift, carry, balance, and how we feel at the end of the day is the end result. We are here to help keep you performing at your best in all your favorite activities!

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